Friday, April 25, 2008


Hello and welcome dear Reader!

"RED EARTH GAME REVIEWS!" is a new blog created specifically for board game reviews!

The Goal: play the bejeebers out of boardgames and cardgames then report to you not only what they are about, but to make it easier for you to choose something you'll LOVE, verses something that will just take up space on the closet shelf!

The Way: I'll dissect each game and let you know what attributes are the game's strengths, or its weakness and as well as make suggestions as to what kind of gamer will enjoy each game the most!

ART: - does it look like it should? or does it look like a bad photoshop attempt?

REPLAY: - ok you just spent 50.00$.... you could have seen a movie.... which would have been the better choice?

MECHANICS: - does the game run like a Porsche on the Autobahn.. or a herd of cats at a catnip convention?

PRICE: - Is the game worth that 50$? Or can you find a better game and just drop a 20$

FUN: What every game SHOULD be about above all else...

The WHO: Not only are there a myriad of games, there are even more variations of Players! Each game will be reviewed with a suggestion for what a kind of gamer will enjoy it most! Who knows, you might even find out you're more a gladiator than you knew!

CASUAL: crosswords puzzles, sudoku, checkers, mancala, Apples to Apples, Trivial Pursuit. Chances are you might have played some or all of these, but not often, or rarely with more than just a couple friends or family.

ACTIVE: Poker, Settlers of Catan, Chess, Scrabble, Pictionary, GO. Games that require more from your person than just a pencil or some dice. Maybe you even get together once a week/month with a bunch of people and spend the night playing together.

GAMER: D&D, RISK, A History of the World, Axis and Allies, Settlers of Catan + Expansions, Munchkin. You game.... and you might work and eat and sleep sometimes too. In fact, much of the latter is spent supporting your gaming hobby! You go to the conventions and plan your work vacation days to coincide with Origins or Gencon. Outside of wealthy grandparents at Christmas time.... Game Store owners live off your addiction!

CREATOR: Possibly even more obsessive than a Gamer on opening day at Gencon... a Game Creator has turned part of or all of their life ( and probably a few other lives close to them ) in order to actually make a game they can share and sell and add to the majestic array of titles that fill homes and halls around the world. Maybe you're not published yet.... this blog will still help you, if for no other reason than to show you what NOT to make!

As time allows, I'll even recruit in gaming professionals to guest blog about their expertise, and if you're a new game designer, we can even arrange to have your game reviewed here! Nothing is better than word of mouth advertising! Especially with the internet 'bullhorn' behind it!

FOR THE LADIES: Don't take the blog title too literally...its a play on words....female game players, casual or otherwise are not only growing in population, but actually fueling many game markets and influencing what is being created world wide! Be proud! Be Loud!
ABOUT ME: I'm a Gamer, Game Designer, and above all, a good guy who loves sharing games with people! if you have any questions, write me at

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